Monday, 7 March 2011

5 ways to accumulate 3DS Play Coins quickly

One of the neatest features of the Nintendo 3DS are its Play Coins. In short, you earn this virtual currency by carrying your 3DS around with you like a pedometer; the reward being the ability to purchase bonus content in games. There's a limit the amount you can collect - 10 per day at one coin per 100 steps, and a maximum per 3DS of 300  at any one time.

But let's face it, there are times when you'll want Play Coins, but utterly lacking the will to earn them in the correct manner. That's where 3DSFocus comes in. We've proposed five ways to accumulate Play Coins in some of the quickest and easiest methods possible. Starting with...

1. Strap your 3DS to a dog - bonus points if it isn't yours, and you manage to get it back brimming with Play Coins without its owner noticing.

Check out more ways to cheat the Play Coins system after the jump!

2. Sneak your 3DS into the pocket of a marathon runner - If animals aren't your bag, humans are a good bet too. If you do go for this option, be prepared to hang around for a while before your 3DS is returned chock full of Play Coins, which might possibly be covered in copious amounts of sticky sweat.

3. Sling your 3DS in the washing machine - A much cleaner option, this one. Make the chore of washing your clothes pay in the form of all the Play Coins you could ever need. Still not enough coins after the spin cycle? Guarantee the maximum amount of Play Coins with a session in the tumble dryer.

4. Electrocute yourself with 3DS in hand - We won't lie.. this one is probably a little risky - both to the workings of your 3DS and as a threat to your own life. That said, just think how quickly those Play Coins will be racking up as your body spasms uncontrollably when shocked with the current of 200 volts.

5. Fling yourself off a mountainside - Again, this one probably isn't the safest method of earning the Play Coins you so desperately desire, but on the upside, it won't take long. I advise holding on tightly to your 3DS on the way down. There'll be no worse feeling than the realisation that you dropped your handheld during the descent, followed by a crippling climb back up to retrieve it.

So there you have it. A handful of fool-proof methods to Play Coin riches and all the unlockable 3DS content you could ever want. Got any more suggestions? Feel free to share them in the comments section below!

Disclaimer: 3DSFocus takes no responsibility for injury or worse suffered to 3DS owners while attempting the above Play Coin accumulation techniques. Electrocution and jumping off a cliff.. I mean... seriously?

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