Saturday, 30 April 2011

What is Street Pass for Nintendo 3DS? How does StreetPass work?

What is StreetPass for the Nintendo 3DS?

StreetPass is function that allows your Nintendo 3DS to communicate with other 3DS owners while you're out and about, and on the move. When StreetPass is switched on, your Nintendo 3DS will seek out and exchange date with other 3DS systems, providing you with new content for you to play with.

For example, you may receive new Miis to join you in your Mii Plaza and help you in StreetPass Quest, or fellow 3DS owners' racing ghosts to compete against in Mario Kart 3DS.

Turning StreetPass on isn't a guarantee that you'll receive new content on every trip you make. Being in a busy place with lots of people, where others might be carrying their 3DS is your best bet. Anyway, part of the fun is the excitement in wondering whether you <i>will</i> pick up anything new via StreetPass as you pop down to the shop to pick up a loaf of bread, or go to watch a movie, or take your pooch to the doggie parlour :P

How do I know if I have received new StreetPass content?

When you receive StreetPass content, the notification LED on the outside of the Nintendo 3DS will flash green. Simply open up your console and visit the Notifications menu - that's the speech bubble icon at the top of the Home Menu.

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